You may not think of winter as time for you to make major improvements to your home, but think again. Small upgrades that you complete inside of your home can make a big difference. Even if you’re not completing major construction projects inside of your home, the upgrades and projects that you can complete in winter are certainly a big help to your living space.  


There’s many different things that you can do in your kitchen over the winter months. This includes adding new counters and cabinet spaces. If you keep looking around your kitchen, wondering what’s missing, it could be that it needs some updating. Replacing your cabinets and/or countertops can seem like a big project but at then end of the day, you’ll be glad you did it. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future this can be a ver beneficial project as well. The first place most homebuyers look is the kitchen and the bathroom!

Living Space

In the living room, an easy upgrade during the winter months is to update your flooring. There’s so many simple DIY options for flooring that you can easily make this small upgrade that will make a big impact on your home. Another simple upgrade for the living room is changing out your window treatments. You can create your own curtains out of inexpensive material like bedsheets, or simply head out and buy some new window treatments for a much needed change. As a bonus, you may even want to pick up the energy saver kind of curtains which keep heat in the house instead of letting it escape through the cracks of your windows. 


The bathroom is a room that has so much potential. You can swap out your medicine cabinet to add a whole new look to the room. If you’re short on storage in the bathroom, you can easily add an over-the-toilet shelving unit or place baskets around the room in order to store what you need. 


In your bedroom, you can reduce clutter by adding display shelving and storage shelving. Especially in children’s rooms, you can update by giving them places to display their collectibles instead of using their toy box that they have outgrown. Adding shelves or a shelving unit to the bedroom is very budget friendly. You can get floor to ceiling shelving units for a great price. 

Dining Area

Your dining room is another room where simple changes can make a big difference this winter. Install a new lighting fixture in the room. If you want to go more formal, find a chandelier. If you’d like to add a few hanging pendant lights, you’ll be able to complete that project in a day’s time. For an even simpler renovation to your dining room, go shopping for a new dining table. That’s the focal point of the room and can change its entire appearance.